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What we do:
Our super-quiet mobile van generators are used for film and photo shoots, satellite trucks, video production trucks, live events, vendor markets and emergency building power.

We provide power services throughout the entire New York metropolitan area and for out-of-town locations as well.

  • Professional drivers/operators. Swing personnel available to work on crew.

  • Reliable equipment. All our generator units and trucks are serviced regularly and professionally maintained.

  • Electrical accessories and power distribution systems are available by arrangement as are specialized services such as custom rigging.

Our Story:
We built the original van generator back in 1987. This was the first compact mobile generator unit in New York City and we mounted it inside a standard single-wheel GMC van. Over the years, we added similar units to our fleet, but were limited to 600-amp generators due to the weight the single-wheel vans could carry.

The next big advance came in 2005 when we collaborated with Bob Burrell of Lite Power Generators in Dallas, Texas to mount a 1200-amp generator inside a Mercedes Sprinter van.

We got the idea after noticing the dual rear-wheel compact Sprinter vans that Fed Ex used in urban areas. The dual wheels meant that Sprinters could handle far more weight than the GMC vans, basically doubling the power of the unit inside.

It was a game changer. 
Today, you see Sprinter van generators operating throughout New York City, so we know our idea was a resounding success. But we were the first.


About Us

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